Friday, January 6, 2012

Factors that affect Mortality

Heredity is also one of the factors of mortality. The environment where they are brought up affects the age to be or not to be long. Sex is one factor, the female are observed to have long life. The newly born infants, the death rate of the girls are seen low than boys. Disease is also on factor, people have to lose their life by being victims of fatal disease, transitional disease and hereditary diseases. Violence and accidents are also one factors that is caused by bus, truck, jeep, motorcar and aeroplane affect the death rate. Natural calamities like draught, flood, landslide, earthquake, volcano, cyclone causes death rate of the country. The shortage of nutrition has increased the death rate. Ignorance of heath rule like drinking pure water, cutting nails, washing hands before eating led to the increase death rate. The majority of people of our country fail to solve the problems of food, clothing and housing. More death occurs due to cold climate and hot climate. Due to lack of health and medical facilities the death rate is high among the people. Ignorance and superstition of the people there occurs a high level of death rate. Fresh and hygienic environment, development of science and technology help people to live longer.

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